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Tips for People Too Busy to Meditate

Sitting down and meditating may seem like a daunting task to squeeze into an already full schedule. But those agreeing to this statement, are most likely the ones that need meditation the most. Meditating is actually a lot easier than you think, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort. With these tips, even the busiest bees will be meditating in no time. 

You have probably heard about meditation, and the endless list of benefits it comes with. But actually taking the step towards starting a meditation practice is still a step too far for many of us.

Yes, we know it reduces stress and helps us sleep. So why is it that many are still reluctant? Often, it’s blamed on being too busy.

In theory, our minds are active. And in our modern society, there is a lot of pressure from internal and external factors telling us to keep busy at all times. But simply saying you’re too busy to meditate, or that your mind is too active to meditate, is an easy way to avoid a difficult task.

Tips for people too busy to meditate

With the following tips, we hope to nudge you into the direction of starting with meditation, or perhaps picking up where you have left off. These three tips go hand in hand, and incorporating them will help you take the step towards starting your meditation session.

Simplify meditation

Carve out time to simply exist without doing anything or being occupied by anything else. This may sound like you should prepare, sit down, close your eyes, do all the things you think meditation is. But it actually doesn’t have to be like that, at all.

Did you know that you can even meditate by taking a couple of deep breaths? Or by listening mindfully, to a friend who is speaking to you, to a song, or to sounds of nature. Or by observing. Whether that’s your own thoughts coming and going, your body functioning, or the world outside.

Even your daily commute or walk can be turned into a little meditation session if you choose to be mindful of the task you’re performing and allow your thoughts to pass without judging them.


What do you expect of a meditation session? Is it complete relaxation, and a feeling of pure bliss afterward? Because we hate to burst your bubble, but especially at first these will not always be the immediate effects.

Your mind will wander. And you may even feel a sense of frustration about that. Appreciate the fact your mind wandered and that you caught it in the act, which is mindfulness on its own.

In essence, you should lower your expectations as much as possible. This will help you accept your mind is more active during some sessions than others. Just know that there is no such thing as an unsuccessful meditation. 

Find what feels good

Do not compare yourself to others and their practice. You are unique, and so should your meditation practice be. Maybe it’s a morning gratitude session that you prefer, or maybe just a short meditative walk does the trick for you.

If you’re new to meditation, it’s a good idea to try different types. See which one you gravitate to. Which one feels good, and has you coming back for more?


Being too busy to meditate may be an excuse you have been using to avoid a hard task: starting a meditation practice. But with a little creativity, anyone can squeeze in a session, even on the busiest of days.

Lowering your expectations, not comparing a practice to other’s and simplifying meditation all go hand in hand, and are the key towards starting your very own practice.

Your turn

If you’re reading this right now and feel like you have been putting off meditating, we challenge you to take a couple minutes right now to just breathe. That’s all. If you have a couple more minutes to spare, download the Deep Meditate app and pick a guided meditation.

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