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Meditation in the Morning

Are you struggling to catch up? Feeling overwhelmed, and always have one hundred things on your mind? Meditation in the morning could change your life. Starting your day in silence helps you live a calm, more present life.

You have probably heard about meditation and how good it is good for you. You don’t have to be a monk, a Buddhist, or a dedicated yogi to reap the benefits of meditation.

Many of us seem to be aware of this, though still there aren’t many people meditating regularly. Often the reason mentioned is a lack of time or a lack of knowing how to. Starting a regular morning practice is an approachable way to start meditating.

The ideal time to meditate

So why the morning, and not, for example, the evening? Simple. At the start of your day, you can set the tone with your meditation. You’re also less likely to make an excuse in the morning, making sure you actually follow through.

Let’s compare a full 24 hours to a project. To complete the project, you need to accomplish various tasks. The best way to tackle a project consisting out of different aspects, is to create an overview for yourself, right? This will show you the bigger picture right from the start and will help you throughout.

Meditation in the morning is a tool that can help you create clarity. By calming down your mind, you’re setting yourself up for a day in which you are present and focused.

By starting your day with distractions such as e-mails, news, kids, or pets, your mind will most likely stay in this distracted state throughout the day. Eliminating these distractions for 5 to 10 minutes at the start of your morning can alter this state of mind into a calmer and more focused one.

The benefits of starting your day in silence

We have been talking about the benefits of meditation, and we’re not the only ones. But a morning meditation session comes with a few slightly less obvious benefits, that may come as a surprise.

It helps to filter your thoughts.

Meditating allows you to turn on the filter in your mind. It helps you sift through both internal and external noise. Carrying this throughout the day will help you remain sharp, yet calm.

You are more adaptable to change.

Dropping into that flow state that meditation comes with, will allow you to take on the day with an open mind.

You’ll feel energized.

Meditation comes with the added bonus of releasing energy-boosting endorphins. If you still feel a little groggy, meditation in the morning helps you to kick-start your day.

It helps you stick to healthy habits.

If you feel stressed or sleep-deprived, you are more likely to fall into bad habits. Setting the intention for your day and counteracting stress by meditating helps you stick to healthy habits.

How to meditate in the morning

Now that we’ve looked at why meditating in the morning is a good idea, there is still the aspect of learning how to start. It’s recommended to start easy. It shouldn’t become a task you are dreading to do. Just sitting in a comfortable position, closing down your eyes, and focus on your breath. That’s it, you’re meditating!

If this makes you feel uncomfortable, perhaps a guided meditation is your go-to option. You will be guided through the meditation, making this a very approachable way to start.

The key to stick with it is to make it accessible for you. Maybe it works best for you to freshen up after waking up, then sitting back into your bed to meditate. Or maybe you prefer to pick a dedicated spot to meditate every single morning. Take some time to explore and find what works best for you.


If you’re struggling to keep up throughout the day, meditating in the morning may be just what you need. Starting your day with even a short session can help bring much more clarity to your day, helping you focus on what is important.

Your turn

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