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How to Deepen your Advanced Meditation Practice

When it comes to meditation, there are countless guides available on how to start. But evolving an already existing practice is just as important. An advanced meditation practice is where the real benefits kick in. It is more accessible to deepen your meditation practice than you think.

Defining advanced

Before looking at ways to deepen a meditation practice, let’s take a look at the meaning of advanced meditating. Meditation on an advanced level, doesn’t necessarily mean it is more difficult than other levels.

Advanced practice

Whether you have practiced meditation for the last twenty years, or you’ve just done the first month. The thing that indicates your practice is advanced, are the results you have noticed since practicing. Do you feel more aware of your surroundings? Or maybe you’ve had much less trouble falling asleep than a while ago. These things are results you can obtain through a steady meditation practice.

It’s a good idea to write noticeable results down. Try to remember when you started noticing them, as well as what the main benefits were. Being mindful of these things will help you deepen your practice, as they will both encourage you and help you measure your feelings and thoughts that are connected to meditating.

Ways to deepen your meditation practice

  1. Immerse yourself in the teachings
  2. Experiment
  3. Master your foundations

Immerse yourself

Looking into books and studies is a good way to immerse yourself in the practice of meditation.

If you’re looking for modern books that do not focus solely on beginners, we recommend ‘Out of Your Mind‘ by Alan Watts, to dive deeper into the effects meditation has on you. If you’re looking for a unique perspective on meditation, try ‘Meditation in Action‘ by Chogyam Trungpa.

Additionally, there are countless free e-books available, one better than the other. Make sure to pick one that resonates with your practice, and builds on it.


Break down your practice to see if you can alter things to experiment a little. For example: if you’ve never worn earplugs before, try to wear them every session for a week. What’s different? Did it help? Reflect afterward to see if it works for you or not.

If you’re new to self-reflection, read our article about it.

Something else to try is to either practice with meditative music, or practice in complete silence, depending on your current habit. A different posture to literally gain a new perspective is also a good experiment. If you always practice for a certain time, maybe it is time to experiment with a longer sit to see if you gain new insights in this additional time.

Lastly, trying out different breathing practices can help to deepen your meditation practice. Pranayama is a vital part of meditating, and practicing different patterns can lead to different responses.

Master your foundations

To deepen your practice, it is good to go back to the beginning every once in a while. Mastering your foundations can mean quite literally improving your posture. But it can also mean to put a little more effort into preparing your sessions.

Maybe you have been meditating for so long, certain habits slipped in. Check in to see if these habits still serve you and your practice. If not, either alter them or get rid of them.

For example: maybe you come into your meditation session without thinking about it. Taking a few extra moments beforehand to prepare a comfortable seating and to set an intention will help to advance your meditation practice.


Deepening your practice comes with many scientifically-proven benefits. But the ultimate goal perhaps lies within Samadhi.

The last step on the path known as The Eight Limbs of Yoga is the realization of Samadhi. This is the final stage you enter. In this stage, you’ll feel a state of freedom, liberation, and even ecstasy. This is also known as the truest form of enlightenment.

The most advanced meditation technique is said to be one where you do not realize any difference between Samadhi and a normal state of being. Meaning you’re permanently in a state of enlightenment.  


Deepening an already advanced meditation practice takes dedication. It doesn’t come effortlessly. It is however accessible to anyone. Especially if you have a steady practice, there are multiple things you can explore to go deeper. As long as it resonates with you.

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